Tucson Chimney’s Experts Serve Mescal With Care & Dedication

Mescal is small in numbers, but well known for its “Old West” vibes and aesthetics. In fact, the famous movie “Tombstone” was mostly filmed in this rustic-looking area! That said, despite the old-timey feel, there are lots of homeowners there who need professional care for their modern amenities – like fireplaces.

That’s where we come in. We serve Mescal, as well as surrounding communities like Pimaco Two, Empire Acres, Benson, Pomerene, and more, and we’d be happy to help with your chimney and venting needs too.

Book Your Repairs & Maintenance With Us

Looking for the specifics on all we offer? First and foremost, be sure to count on us for your annual inspections and sweepings/cleanings. This important maintenance should be a yearly investment to avoid bigger damages, clogs, and harmful buildup down the line.

And if repairs are in order? We can tackle the following:

  • Masonry Repair
  • Chimney Waterproofing
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Damper Repair & Replacement
  • Firebox Repair
  • Chimney Relining

We’d be glad to help you with ozone treatment services, air duct cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning services too.

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We Can Help You Prevent Chimney Leaks

Another big problem those with chimneys tend to face? Moisture damage.

Water is one of the most harmful things your chimney can interact with. When water infiltrates the chimney through cracks or gaps in the masonry or flashing, it starts to break things down, and it can even cause damages within your home.

In the end, you’re left with crumbling brickwork and mortar, rusted metal parts, staining and discoloration throughout your walls and ceiling, mold growth, and more. Because of this, investing in appropriate care from a qualified tech is imperative.

There are lots of ways to ensure your system stays leak-free. Services we recommend include:

  • Chimney Cap Installation: One of the best ways to fight against chimney leaks is to have a chimney cap installed. Without one in place, water can easily enter right through the top of your chimney (along with debris and animals too). There are lots of options, but we can help you find the right cap for your needs.
  • Flashing Installation: Flashing guards the area where your roof meets your chimney, ensuring water doesn’t gain easy access to this notoriously vulnerable area. It’s an effective component, but needs to be installed right in order to provide adequate protection.
  • Crown Repairs/Rebuilds: A chimney with a poorly built crown will be much more prone to water-related damages. If yours is in rough shape, your masonry is bound to suffer, so be sure to call our techs in right away if you spot cracking or crumbling.
  • Masonry Tuckpointing: Tuckpointing is the process of removing damaged mortar, then filling in the now-missing mortar joints. Matching the new to the old isn’t always a quick (or even easy) process, but it’s nothing our trained and experienced techs can’t handle. Trust us to ensure a job done right.
  • Chimney Waterproofing: Once we’ve got your water-damaged chimney restored, what’s next? Well, we always recommend waterproofing. This service prevents your now-restored brick from soaking in harmful moisture that would otherwise break it down, and our techs will use high-quality, long-lasting, and vapor-permeable sealant.

In the end, water problems and damage are never things you want to ignore when it comes to your chimney. Issues will only worsen with time, and waiting means getting stuck with more issues than you started with – and more expenses too.

If you have a water problem, we’ve got the tools, training, and expertise to tackle it.

Give Us a Call – We’re Here to Help

We cover a range of repair services, and we can help with installation and part replacement services too. All in all, there isn’t much our team of certified and experienced techs can’t handle for folks in Pima County, so if you need care, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We can be reached at 520-444-2845 or through our site. We can’t wait to be in touch!


You’ll often see us in the Green Valley portion of our service area, working on our customers’ chimney and venting systems to keep them in the best possible condition.