Chimney Leak Repairs: We’re Tucson’s Team for Trusted Solutions

What many don’t realize is that one of the biggest causes of damage to chimneys isn’t big storms, collisions with tree branches, or fires (although these can all occur). It’s water infiltration.

What can water do to a chimney? A lot. We often see…

  • brick, stone, and mortar corrosion
  • staining on your interior walls
  • brickwork discoloration
  • rust throughout the damper, cap, flashing, and other metal components
  • chimney liner damage
  • crown damage and deterioration
  • firebox damage
  • mold and mildew growth
  • …and more

To protect your chimney from leaks and water damage, it is important to have it inspected regularly and to schedule any needed repairs as soon as possible. We also suggest two important services – chimney cap installation and waterproofing. At Tucson Chimney, we’re here to help with both of these.

Do You Need a New Chimney Cap?

The main function of a chimney cap is to keep all types of moisture – like rain, snow, sleet, and ice – out of the chimney. That said, they’re also effective at keeping outdoor debris, critters, and other things that can clog your flue at bay as well. But that’s not all they do…

Three new chimney caps being installed on chimney.  Trees and beautiful blue sky with clouds in the background.

Why are chimney caps important?

Chimney caps are important for several reasons:

  1. They prevent rain, snow, and other debris from entering the chimney flue.
  2. They keep out birds and other animals that might try to build nests in the chimney.
  3. They help to prevent downdrafts, which can cause smoke to blow back into the house – as well as affect your indoor air temperature and quality.
  4. They serve as spark arrestors, reducing the risk of fires starting on your roof.
  5. They prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from blowing into your flue on windy days.

While all of your chimney components play an important role in keeping your system safer, chimney caps are known for combatting one of your chimney’s biggest enemies – water. If you don’t have one installed or if your current one is broken down, be sure to call in our experts right away, before more damage can occur.

What type of cap do you need?

Needless to say, it’s important you have a cap installed, but there are a wide variety of chimney cap styles and materials on the market – and selecting the right size and design for your chimney is imperative to keeping your system in peak condition. Let us help you make the right decision. Call or request an appointment online with us today.

We Also Offer Chimney Waterproofing

One thing we see homeowners underestimate all too often is how quickly their masonry can break down when it isn’t protected. Yes, we offer a long list of masonry repairs, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid these services, if possible? We say yes – and we’d guess you’d agree.

One of the most effective ways to keep your brick free of water damage for the long haul is by investing in professional chimney waterproofing services.

Can I waterproof my chimney myself, or should I hire a professional?

There are products out there that can be bought online or from a store that give all the claims of being efficient at keeping your brickwork and mortar protected from water. And we aren’t denying they can do just that. …they just might not do it for very long. Most of these solutions aren’t very long-lasting, which means you’ll need to put time, money, and sweat into the whole process over and over again.

By hiring a pro, you can trust they’ll use industry-grade sealants, many of which are warrantied for a full decade. This also guarantees the products will be vapor-permeable (a must when working with chimneys), and it ensures the job is done thoroughly and correctly, too, so you don’t have surprise damages pop up later on.

How much does chimney waterproofing cost?

Short answer – it varies.

Long answer – it depends on the size and condition of your chimney. If you’ve put this service off and have damages because of it, you’ll want to have repairs completed first. Otherwise, your system will still be at risk. This will obviously up the costs of obtaining that long-lasting protection, but trust us – it’ll be well worth it.

The Sooner You Schedule, the Better

Chimney leaks and water damage won’t sit tight until you’re ready to address them. They’ll worsen and worsen until minor fixes turn into serious (and expensive-to-tackle) home and chimney repairs. The sooner you reach out to our experts, the quicker we can get you where you need to be – and at a rate that won’t break your budget.

Call us at 520-444-2845 or reach out online today. We can’t wait to be in touch soon.


As well as our chimney and fireplace cleaning services, we can take care of masonry repairs to make sure y0ur system is structurally sound and safe to use.