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There are lots of ways to tell if the air in your home isn’t as fresh and clean as it should be. Things like having difficulty breathing, sneezing more than usual, feeling sick or ill in your living space, or noticing an increase in asthma or allergy symptoms… to name a few.

Air Duct Cleaning before with dust everywhere and after all the dust is gone.

Needless to say, this makes spending time in the space you should feel the safest and coziest in a lot less comfortable. But before you begin blaming any issues on seasonal allergies, the flu, or something similar, consider these facts:

  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air quality in homes and buildings can be two to five times more polluted than the air that we breathe outside every day.
  • Air particles circulate throughout your home every time your heating/cooling system powers on. Which means, with every breath, you could be breathing air particles contaminated by bacteria, fungus, mold, and more.
  • Poor air quality is known to trigger illnesses, create poor sleeping patterns, invite headaches, and more.

Your health – and the health of those living in your home – is irreplaceable. Stop breathing in those contaminated particles and make the smart decision of calling in Tucson Venting and Chimney Solutions today for quality air duct cleaning services.

Air Cleaning system.
Lint from vents with tools laying around.

What Air Quality Solutions Do We Offer?

We offer both in-depth air duct cleaning services, as well as air duct assessments that ensure your system is staying in the best shape possible. This results in vastly improved air quality and no more itching, sneezing, coughing, or feeling sick.

And clean air ducts not only improve your health – they’ll also help you to save on your monthly electric bills too.

How so? Dirty air ducts make it harder for your heating and cooling system to do its job properly. With contaminants blocking the air blowing through your air ducts, it can take more electricity than necessary to heat or cool your home properly. This results in a higher-than-average electric bill and a lot of wasted electricity.

By hiring the team here at Tucson Chimney and Venting to clean your air ducts, a lower electric bill is almost guaranteed. In fact, the savings you accrue on your monthly payments could actually pay for the fee we charge for air duct cleaning in as quickly as a few months. Request an appointment online or give us a call now.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Well, it varies and can shift based on what your household and lifestyle looks like. Lots of active kids and/or crazy pets running through on the daily? Your pollutant levels are likely to be higher than a pet-free household with only one or two occupants.

Some of the more common sources for poor air quality are:

  • pet dander
  • toxic household cleaning products
  • excess dust and dirt
  • tobacco smoke and products
  • mold and mildew
  • poor ventilation
  • pesticides
  • outdoor air pollutants

In the end, pollutants of some kind are bound to enter your home at some point, no matter how hard you work to keep your home free of them – which is why regular vent cleanings are such an important investment.

What Can Homeowners Do to Combat Poor Air Quality?

Now, when it comes to what you, as a homeowner, can do to combat dirty vents, we’ve got some tips there too. Obviously, investing in professional air duct cleaning services with us on a regular basis is a must, but what other measures can be taken?

  • Change your air filters. It’s recommended to do this every 1-3 months, based on your household’s unique needs.
  • Vacuum, dust, and sweep on the regular. See what you can do about getting these tasks done on a regular schedule to ensure your vents aren’t overworked dealing with built-up dust.
  • Clean debris and buildup off your vent returns. This can be an easy job to overlook, but be sure to add this to your to-do list on your cleaning days.
  • Open windows to keep fresh air circulating. Is the weather currently in that sweet spot where it’s not too hot and not too cold? Open the windows and let that fresh outdoor air in.
  • Keep your home humidity levels in check. In our part of the country, the heat can sometimes be no joke – which usually means your humidity levels will go up and your chances of mold and mildew growth will increase. Keep levels balanced with a dehumidifier.

Breathe Easier – Work With Us

Want to breathe easy, feel great, and have some extra cash month-to-month? Work with us.

We’re top-rated on multiple review sites, have decades of experience, and put in the time and effort necessary to stay certified, educated, and up to date on industry news. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands possible.

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