Trust Our Experts to Get Your Masonry Repairs Done Right

There’s something timeless about brickwork on a home. It promotes strength, security, and a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style. And not only does it look good, but it can boost the value of your home too.

However, like any other part of the household, these systems are not indestructible and can experience wear and tear over time. And if they do, getting repairs completed promptly is vital.

Fortunately for Tucson and its surrounding cities, that’s where we come in.

Tech performing masonry repairs. Top of chimney is red.  Bottom of chimney is white brick and appears to be tuckpointing.
Masonry Repair on terra cotta flue.
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What Types of Masonry Repairs Do You Need?

There are several types of repairs that may be needed for a masonry chimney. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Tuckpointing: If your mortar joints are crumbling, tuckpointing will be in order. This technique involves removing, then replacing any damaged or missing mortar joints throughout the chimney. Seems simple enough, but matching the new to the old – in color, texture, makeup, etc. – is an intricate process, which is why trusting a pro is a must.
  • Missing Bricks: If your mortar joints are falling apart, we’d dare to bet that you’re missing some bricks too, since these two components kind of go hand-in-hand. Like with tuckpointing, this process requires matching the old to the new precisely, both in composition and appearance. Rely on our experts to get it right from start to finish.
  • Chimney Crown Repair: Your chimney crown has a big job – and it takes on a lot of wear and tear because of it. It’s designed to protect both the outside masonry walls of your chimney, as well as the system interior, from moisture damage. Needless to say, swift repairs are a smart investment.
  • Chimney Rebuilds: In some cases, the chimney masonry may be in such poor condition that the structure needs to be rebuilt completely. This work is more exhaustive, but sometimes it’s the most affordable option when all is considered.
  • Chimney Waterproofing: This isn’t so much of a repair as it is preventive maintenance. Waterproofing your masonry ensures any moisture isn’t absorbed, where it can then break things down.
  • Firebox Repairs: Your firebox takes on more heat than any other part of your fireplace system, so it’s not unusual for the bricks to need some professional help from time to time. If you notice cracking or deterioration, be sure to reach out.

Needs can vary, based on the age and condition of the system, but one thing rings true for every chimney – the importance of addressing any repairs as soon as possible. This prevents further damage from occurring and ensures the safety and efficiency of the chimney system when it’s in use.

How Much Will Masonry Repairs Cost Me?

Alright, it’s clear that investing in masonry repair work from a pro is important – and doing it quickly is always going to be the better (and more cost-effective) route too.

Now, here’s the big question – what’s it going to cost you?

We’d love to give our customers a solid and straightforward answer here, but the cost of your repairs depends a lot on where your structure currently stands – which we won’t know until you reach out. If you have a lot of damage, you’ll need more work done than if the issues are minor.

For example, if a small amount of tuckpointing is needed that’s obviously going to be far less expensive than a full rebuild. We can’t know where you stand or what you need until you give us a call. Once we do an assessment on your system, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what to expect.

How Can I Avoid Damages Down the Line?

The best way to avoid chimney and fireplace issues recurring is to invest in annual maintenance. That means getting a sweep and inspection booked before the start of every burning season – preferably in the warmer (and less busy) spring and summer months.

In addition, investing in preventive measures like chimney caps, chase covers, waterproofing services, flashing installation, and more is always going to ensure longer-lasting protection. Do these services and products cost you money? Sure. But the savings over time is substantial when you consider the damages you’ll now be avoiding.

We’re Tucson’s Trusted Chimney Experts

So, you pull into your driveway at the end of a long work day to see cracks in your chimney or a decayed masonry wall… If you’re sick of looking at these damages day after day, then it’s time to call our experts in.

Don’t let chimney problems go unaddressed. Call us at 520-444-2845 or reach out online today to request your next appointment.


Getting an annual chimney inspection means you’ll know about any problems early, before things get to be more expensive to fix. We can provide your chimney and fireplace cleaning on a regular basis as well.