Chimney Cleanings: Our Sweeping Services Clear Out Creosote & Other Combustibles

A chimney cleaning or sweeping is the process of removing any buildup of soot, creosote, and other potentially combustible materials from the inside of your chimney. If not done regularly, you and your household could face some serious threats.

Tech cleaning firebox with yellow hose, tarp on the floor and candles on each side of the hearth.
Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning with cream colored brick and hearth.
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The Problem With Chimney Buildup

Buildup in your chimney is a problem for a number of reasons.

  1. It’s a fire hazard. As fires are burned in your fireplace, a substance called creosote forms. Creosote is highly combustible, so the more of it you have, the higher your chances are of experiencing a chimney fire. Regularly clearing it out is essential.
  2. It blocks airflow. Proper draft and airflow play a vital role in safer and efficient fireplace functioning. If creosote or outdoor buildup (like leaves, grass clippings, sticks, etc.) are in your flue, airflow will be inhibited.
  3. It invites foul odors. Creosote is known for producing a campfire-like smell in your home, especially in the summertime when temps rise and your A/C is turned up. And if animals have built nests and had babies in your flue, this can be a big cause of odors as well.
  4. It affects indoor air quality. If your fireplace cannot properly vent, smoke and other toxins (like carbon monoxide) can circle back and enter your household. This could lead to respiratory issues and a number of other health risks.

What Is a Chimney Fire?

A chimney fire is a dangerous event that occurs when creosote levels are too high. In these instances, the creosote ignites, then spreads flames throughout the rest of your flue, causing all kinds of damage and destruction in the process – and creating big risks for your home and family. If your system is damaged, smoke, flames, heat, and harmful fumes are more likely to enter your home.

What’s especially concerning with chimney fires is their tendency to move slowly and quietly. Sometimes homeowners schedule a chimney inspection and are shocked to learn from their sweep that a chimney fire has already occurred – and they’ve been putting a damaged system to use for quite some time.

This is an unsettling thought, but you can significantly reduce your risk of experiencing this by following one easy step – simply rely on us for regular care. Book your next service with us today.

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