Our Firebox Repair Services Keep Your Fireplace & Chimney Functioning Safer

Is your firebox looking worn down, cracked, and like it might not be withstanding heat and flames as well as it once used to? Then, putting your fireplace to use may invite some serious risks. Don’t take any chances. If you’re in the Tucson area, give our techs a call right away, so we can look things over, then get you where you need to be. We’re equipped to tackle all of your chimney repair needs.

What Is the Firebox?

Your firebox is where your fires are built. In a masonry setup, the brick and mortar used to construct the firebox is fire-resistant and designed to contain heat, preventing it from spreading to the rest of your home. In a prefab system, the firebox is fitted with refractory panels that can withstand high temperatures.

Fireboxes are strong and resilient, but since they tend to bear the brunt of your fireplace fires, it’s not uncommon for them to face damage now and then. When this happens, the firebox will need to be rebuilt or repaired in order to maintain the safety of your home and the efficiency of the fireplace and chimney.

Firebox Repairs
Firebox Repairs Before
Firebox Repairs After

Common Reasons for Firebox Damage

So, it’s clear you have damage that our sweeps need to address. But now you’d like to know what caused the damage in the first place, so you can (hopefully) avoid it down the line.

  • Exposure to moisture. When it comes to your chimney, no area of it seems to be immune to the damage that water can cause. That’s why regular maintenance and annual inspections are so important. These check-ins allow us to spot and stop any leaks before they reach other areas of the system.
  • Common wear and tear. Your firebox takes on more heat than pretty much any other area of your fireplace system, so it’s bound to face some wear and tear over time. Make it a priority to have any issues – no matter how minor – addressed fast, so that they don’t turn into big, expensive problems later on.
  • Improper materials. Some fireboxes, especially older ones, weren’t built or installed correctly from the start. A certain type of brick and mortar needs to be used in this high-heat area, and if the wrong materials were applied, things are sure to break down prematurely.
  • Home settlement. Homes settle from time to time. There’s not much you can do to stop it, but you can stay aware of the potential repercussions and get them fixed up fast, so that you don’t face more serious risks. Your fireplace isn’t immune to damage caused by home settlement. We can repair cracking and other damage quickly, so you don’t face bigger issues later on.

Are you concerned about the state of your firebox? Whether you need your refractory panels replaced, tuckpointing services completed, new bricks put in, or an entire firebox rebuild completed, we can help you out. Reach out soon.

Who Should I Hire for My Firebox Repairs?

If you’re in the middle of a home renovation or remodel, you may be thinking that your contractor or an expert from a similar industry can simply take care of any needed chimney repairs while they’re there. But is this really the best idea? We say no.

Unfortunately, this is all too common in the chimney industry. Other professionals will claim to have the qualifications to handle chimney-related repairs when they really don’t have the specialized knowledge needed to get the job done correctly. In fact, we often see this with chimney flashing, as many hire a roofer to repair it – and it happens with fireboxes, too, during renovations or home remodels.

While we have no doubt that these techs are specialized in their field, the simple truth is that they don’t know chimneys and fireplaces like we do. They don’t hold the proper certifications, and they don’t have the years of experience working solely with fireplaces and flues. Be sure to trust a team of certified chimney professionals – like us – for it all.

Call Today – We’re Standing By

Don’t stress out every time you light a fire, feeling worried the whole time about whether or not your firebox is up for the job. While these repairs can be complex and labor-intensive, they’re no match for our trained, certified, and experienced team. Our techs have the necessary tools and expertise to properly rebuild or repair your firebox, ensuring it operates as safely and efficiently as possible.

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Our chimney repair experts are often called on to do chimney relining and they get it done right.